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(NIA) NATIONAL INSTITUTE ON AGING / a governmental institute of the (NIH) National Institute Of Health - biomedical, social, and behavioral aspects of aging and prevention of age-related diseases and disabilities.

June 23, 2007 - We thought that our blog "Baby Boomers And Beyond" fell into a fragmented area. It could be real estate, financial planning, estate planning, personal, people, society and any number of categories. Only after reading the NIA description did it become apparent that AGING is the specific category.
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THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH (FOY) deals with your health. first off, FOY attempts to maintain youth even in senior citizens and then seeks to approach "immortality". FOY attempts to activate immortal spore-like cells in your body that have been inactive for at least 4,000 years. an alternative approach attempts to keep living cells from dying via reconstitution of telomerase. stem cells and cancer cells have this capability, but stem cells are not ubiquitous and cancer cells are bad.
FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH - FOY is not anti-aging (sunflower seeds, melatonin , but rejuvenation-->STABLE BLOOD SUGAR--->MITOCHONDRIA (rejuvenation center) inside are carnitine catalyzed by lysine & methionine, non-heme iron, vitamin C, niacin, vitamin B-6, and cystine (pistachios) + trimethylglycine (TMG) or dimethylglycine (DMG) = "ALCAR" aceytl-l-carnitine , p450 enzymes, co q 10 and alpha lipoic acid...p450 enzyme inducers are in: cardamom, nutmeg, tea, cabbage, witch hazel, bitter orange, black pepper, oregano, rosemary and ginger. the chemicals mentioned are readily available and blood sugar info is on the internet (vitamin pill, onion, banana, garlic, peas, carrots, soymilk, alfalfa). EAT FREQUENT SMALL MEALS FROM EARLY MORNING TILL LATE NIGHT..seniors should begin to feel "youth" in about a month.

what we have said should be considered science fiction. our story of which was composed using data from well respected research sites. NEW AND IMPROVED - the "fountain of youth" will only take a person over 60 back to their early thirtys. to be in the prime of your life more steps must be taken. STEP 1 - DO EVERYTHING IN "FOY". STEP 2 - stimulate the central nervous system and in turn that will stimulate the master glands that sends messages to most of the other glands - ROTATION OF cardamom, menthol, coffee, chocolate, dill, peppermint, thyme, ginseng, camphor, caraway, nutmeg, black pepper, ceylon cinnamon (not mccormick). potassium inducement (raisins, dates, BEANS, cod, flounder, salmon, sardines). STEP 3 - clean out your pipes constantly - rutin, lecithin, salmon oil, cod liver oil, horse chestnut, lemon & orange peel, celery, bromelain, onion, garlic, flax, borage, evening primrose, ginkgo, hawthorn, sunflower seed, folic acid, b-12, TMG or DMG, b-6, tea, grape seed extract, niacin, chickory, carob, pectin, oats STEP 4 - sex hormones come from cholesterol - OILS EXPELLER PRESSED ONLY, NEVER REFINED - soybean oil, olive oil, corn oil , LIVER, HEART, eggs. STEP 5 - modify the cholesterol with PREGNENOLONE (mother of all hormones), DHEA + echinacea root (sulfate), boron, eleuthero (no longer called siberian ginseng), wheat germ, alfalfa, soy milk or tofu, licorice, oregano and fenugreek. STEP 6 - primordial chemicals: juniper berries, brewer's yeast, ginger, co q 10, peanut butter. STEP 7 - basics with count: 200 mg co q 10, 2,000 mg vitamin C, 1 gram fish oil, 5 - 12 grams arginine, 800 mg calcium, 400 iu vitamin E, melatonin bedtime 1-3mg , 1,500 mg magnesium, 100 mg pregnenolone, 6 grams garlic, 300 mg b-6, over 50 DMG/TMG, 300 mg zinc and also the dept of agriculture FOOD PYRAMID STEP 8 - all chemicals and foods selected must be used unless you have a problem with them. this would eliminate any other further steps. ie secretagogue of human growth hormone is glutamine found in dates which we have already mentioned. harvard's recommendation for hypertension is also included. LOOK YOUNG - not much you can do about facial bone degradation, however you can throw all your expensive creams away and start using pharmaceutical grade lanolin on all your wrinkles. lanolin is more than just topical as it contains lanosterol. this with st johnswort and pennywort aka gotu kola (not kola nut) taken orally should provide a healthy skin .

FOY should increase your life span, however you will not become immortal. we have recently conceptualized how one can approach immortality, and will add these to our FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH as they develop. living 969 years is not a ridiculous concept as humans have two to three types of "immortal cells" ALREADY in the body and research has created a fourth process outside the body. of the three types of immortal cells that we have, one is in the wrong place, one is bad and the last one is in the right place, but has been mostly inactive for at least 4,000 years. so we know what doesn't work that will activate these cells, and of course we know some things that will activate the "bad immortal cells". the obvious first step would be to attempt to protect yourself from the bad cells from developing. FOY has already taken this into consideration, however it just may be that these bad cells can activate the immortal good cells. Yes, we might have found it...a plant that promises longevity and also throws off oxygen free radicals that kills living cells. this plant would then be matched with another plant that is anti-radicular. it is one in the same plant that was the metaphor of the burning bush and god speaking to moses. it is also called "the gas plant" because it emits a flameble gas and can not be purchased at any garden center. plants are sold in 2" sprigs that take years to reach maturity. care for a BUNGEE PILL? yeah, i'll take two tablets; oops, better make that four. in nature there are organisms like tobacco that can cause cancer and fight cancer at the same time. which is something like what a vaccine does. the only certainty therefore is to maintain good health while the battle of good and evil rages on in your body which FOY attempts to do. AntiAging Biomedical Research Endocrinology, Immunology, Molecular and Cell Biology, Cell Metabolism, Aging of Smooth Muscle.
methuselah's secret for living 7 years longer basil, fennel, nutmeg...add (ruta graveolens) to reach 100 and that japanese woman eating (skimmia japonica) lived to be 115...(dictamnus albus) will take you to 150 years of age.

THEY DID IT! pretty much just like we have said. There was just a simple switch activation involved. they used fibroblasts from skin cells. guess i should have told you to eat the banana peel too.
benign pararetrovirus found in bananas + fig - fig (tree of knowledge of good and evil, not the apple) has the chemical components for cell interface and the pararetrovirus has telomerase capability... lastly, this link will take you to my butterfly garden page. we recommended that a selection from every plant group be added to attract butterflies, moths and other insects. EUREKA I HAVE FOUND IT! the first listing you will see is club moss...i call this plant the key to the brain.

go to a restaurant supply store and buy 1lb celery seed, 1b poppy seed (potential trace readings for opium), 1lb thyme, 1 lb shelled sunflower seeds and 1lb ginger (pour some of each in your palm) 3 1,000 mg ascorbic acid, drink coffee, 4 chromium pills, evening primrose or black currant oil, green tea, 3 zinc pills...this diet program does more than just lose weight. it sculptures the body where women become greek goddesses and men proportioned like the statue of david. you will need a tape measure just as much as you use the scale. the diet program is based strictly on chemicals, confirmation from what they do, and what food, herb or spices have the highest ppm of that chemical. this chemical must be delivered by the plants mentioned because invariably there is a symbiotic relationship between that chemical and other chemicals within that plant that will produce the desired results. nope, you don't have to do anything else. manga!

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Science Daily - Researchers at the University of Southern California have discovered a direct link between loss of testosterone and the development of an Alzheimer's-like disease in mice. They also discovered that testosterone treatment slows progression of the disease...(end)...nicotine in tobacco is antiestrogenic allowing for more testosterone availability. nicotine is also cholinergic thus increasing brain neurotransmitters. nicotine can affect the heart, but it is not hypertensive. men who stop smoking after age 50 live longer as fat broads and will live to regret it NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Free testosterone levels are lower among men who later develop Alzheimer's disease (AD)...NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A new study adds to the previously reported evidence that cigarette smoking protects against PARKINSONS DISEASE... PROSTATE research on prostate health will spin you in circles. men under 50 have a low incidence of prostate disease, where as, men over 50 do have problems. so we seem to be back to lack of testosterone again. HAIR LOSS eat a pickle a day. i'm down to a pickle a week now that the barber remarked that I had alot of hair. INCREASE TESTOSTERONE oregano (italian stallion), alfalfa (arabian stallion); hops, I3C, cardamom (a must!), rosemary, basil, apple, chives, nicotine (only natural tobacco with no additives). APPLE! an apple a day keeps the doctor away. the apple must be organic because the testosterone inducer is the chemical the apple, alfalfa, chives use to fight insect attacks. lastly use pregnenolone and not DHEA. dhea is only one step away from testosterone, but it must come from pregnenolone and not as a supplement. it seems that a chemical reaction is required that the supplement lacks. pregnenolone is the mother of all hormones. very little goes to production of testosterone. that's why you must use the inducers we suggested. there is a place for dhea, but take it in the morning, DHEA + echinacea root (sulfate) = DHEAS, and wait a couple hours before you use pregnenolone. you may get testoserone yet from a dhea supplement. dhea itself only lasts 30 to 90 minutes in the body, but dheas is stored and can await for the required chemical reaction.

and the people flocked to surely The Mark Of The Beast can make my ______ Bigger. pray and send your donations to saint dude that my wish is granted...

the body has negative feed-back loops in that there is nothing you can do to super charge one thing or the other for very long. that said, there are certain basics that must be available in the body to reach its full potential. both men and women share at least one basic need that may be deficient and that is iodine. not many people eat seaweed kelp which has the highest ppm of iodine. go to the pharmacy section and order 16 fl oz of 7% iodine. the size of the bottle neck will allow you to stick the tip of your little finger in the bottle. occasionally do this proceedure and that's it. for women, one more step is encouraged but not as important as iodine. women should eat fenugreek the herb. if you do "FOY", that's will receive immediate results if applied topically elsewhere. a foot long or more, but never to return. that will be enough to learn that your desire was unwarranted, normal is better. women in the know say that midgets are fantastic.

if you are involved in any way with e. coli governent warnings, one step you might take would be to eat some cloves. take the hard cloves and grind them into a powder and then pour a little in your palm. it will burn your tounge, but it is damn powerful stuff. it's good to fight just about any viruses and bacteria including bird flu or any other epidemic that comes along. one of the chemicals in cloves is or is closely associated with the anti-bird flu pills on the market. one other thing you should do is throw out all your stainless flatware and start using sterling silver. about a year ago there was a report that one drug company was using silver properties in fighting bird flu. use only sterling silverware and no other silver mumbo jumbo on the net. "born with a silver spoon in your mouth" is a well known saying that originated during the plague in europe.

chronic fatigue syndrome - "fatigue" - start with vitamin b-1 and oatmeal...if you are over 50, add DMG/TMG (not Hcl) + vitamin b-6...that should work!, but if not add exotics: squeezed lemon peel oils into your mouth, pantothenic acid pills, garlic, cardamom, fenugreek, this point you should be perky as hell. if not, check in to the paradise hotel on the isle of Did...
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